We offer terminally ill patients the chance to have their life stories professionally recorded.

For their relief and pleasure and so their families will be able to hear their voices and memories for generations to come.

Trained interviewers free of charge and year round at some 200 hospices will record patients' life stories across the UK.

Please see our testimonials page for what others have to say about our work.

The BBC interviewed Barbara Altounyan and Suzanne Wallace on the work The Hospice Biographers do and for Suzanne, the impact of recording her own life story. 

Our origins

TV broadcaster Barbara Altounyan created the charity in 2016 as a result of her discovering the value of recording people's life stories in her youth, when on being faced the prospect of her father's premature death she responded by chronicling his biography on audio. Read more about the valuable work The Hospice Biographers does here.

We will all lose those who are near and dear to us and those we love. And we would love to have heard - actually heard - their stories. The Hospice Biographers will record this for those who are left. So thank you, Hospice Biographers!”

David Suchet

News page

Here at The Hospice Biographers we are constantly working on new initiatives to raise the awareness of our charity and of the important work that we do for patients and their families. You can read more about this on our news page here.

My gran Shirley died last year after a short time in a hospice. I was very close to her. But if this charity had existed a year ago I would know a lot more about her life, so please please support The Hospice Biographers, it’s so cool.”

Ed Sheeran