We record on audio the precious life stories of hospice patients for free.

We are training volunteer journalists and nurses to become audio interviewers in hospices throughout the UK.

We are keeping the memory of your loved ones alive forever

The BBC interviewed founder Barbara Altounyan and Hospice patient  Suzanne Wallace about the work of our charity. 

We will all lose those who are near and dear to us and those we love. And we would love to have heard - actually heard - their stories. The Hospice Biographers will record this for those who are left. So thank you, Hospice Biographers!”

David Suchet
My gran Shirley died last year after a short time in a hospice. I was very close to her. But if this charity had existed a year ago I would know a lot more about her life, so please please support The Hospice Biographers, it’s so cool.”

Ed Sheeran