who we are and our mission

We are a small charity with big ambitions.

We are a nationwide charity which trains and mentors a growing network of specialist volunteers ‘Hospice Biographers’ to record on audio the life stories of patients in hospices who are facing the end of their life.

We are expanding gradually with the aim of supporting over 200 hospices across the U.K within the next 5 years.

Our life story recordings are for the pleasure of our patients and for the therapeutic benefit of being able to ‘tell their story’.

Our audio recordings mean that the families and friends of our patients will still be able to hear their voices and precious memories for generations to come. We also provide (on loan + free of charge ) broadcast quality audio recorders to each and every participating hospice so that these precious voices can be recorded with clarity and care.


our charity’s mission is :

  • SILENCE : To fill the gap of the lonely silence after someone dies with the precious sounds of their voice. 

  • THERAPY : To provide therapeutic comfort to those facing end of life, by reflecting and reliving all that they have done whilst also giving them an audio legacy to leave behind for their loved ones. 

  • CARE : To listen with care, encourage and capture those memories which are deemed most precious to our patients and their families.

  • RECORDING THOSE WHO ARE EXCLUDED BY SOCIETY : One day we wish to record the life stories of end of life prisoners, travellers and the homeless who at the time are being cared for by their local hospices.

  • LIFE STORY LIBRARY : We hope to eventually record hundreds of thousands of life stories on audio so that with patient permission we can one day create our own National Life Story Library.

  • FILMING YOUNG MUMS & DADS : One day we wish to record on film the life stories of very young end of life parents whose children may otherwise never know them.

  • CHILDREN’S HOSPICES : We wish to introduce our professionally trained biographers to all of Britain‘s 200 hospices, a small proportion of these hospices are for end of life children. For children’s hospices we will be offering the option of film as well as audio recordings.

  • PARENTS OF END OF LIFE CHILDREN We will also extend our free of charge services to any parents who wish us to document their own lives on film or audio during this challenging period.