our training course

We train specialist volunteers how to become Hospice Biographers. Our training course lasts for two days. It’s usually held in a hospice which has generously offered us free food and training room facilities.

We teach volunteers how to professionally record life stories on audio.

Our training course includes the art of active listening and latest chronological life story interviewing techniques.

Our professional trainers teach them how to deal with difficult and unexpected situations, how to use our broadcast quality audio recording equipment and how to download recordings onto USB memory sticks or CD’s for our patients. 

They will also have a good understanding of GDPR regulations as it relates to confidentiality and data privacy.


So Hospice Biographers will:

  • Be ready and able to record life stories

  • Have had practical experience of the recording equipment.

  • Have increased their knowledge of communication skills.

  • Be able to recognise difficult situations, safeguarding and  understand the importance of boundaries for the safety of both patients and themselves.

We will loan each hospice a broadcast quality audio recorder for exclusive use of our Volunteer Hospice Biographers.



After our training event we offer a mentoring service to support key hospice staff and our volunteer Hospice Biographers. 

This includes phone contact, emails and visits as appropriate.


Confidentiality and GDPR

All our patient life stories are strictly confidential.  We do not keep any recordings.  

We comply with GDPR legislation and no personal information is recorded by us.  

You can view our privacy policy here.