We are driven by the feedback we get.

Here is a letter we recently received from one of our interviewees who gave us permission to share it with you.


"Dear Barbara (I hope you don't mind my addressing you thus),

I'm a Cancer patient receiving palliative care and a regular attender at the Hospice in the Weald.

Last Friday I completed an interview/long chat with volunteer Bev about my life and loves, which has already been transferred to a USB ready for me to transfer to CDs to be given to my children and grandchildren.

I can't begin to tell how thrilled and delighted I am to have this precious gift to hand to them. I had, as part of my preparation for end of life, written letters for them but nothing compares to the gift of hearing my voice. I found the process incredibly therapeutic and I know it will be the same for every last one of them.

I just wanted to express my thanks to all those people who conceived of the idea and brought it to fruition.

I would very much like to make a donation to The Hospice Biographers for surely there is a need for funding for the excellent equipment. The recording is so clear and it was great fun to do.

Please tell me how I can donate.

With very many thanks,

Yours sincerely





WHAT OTHER Patients SAY AbOUT US  ....

“Oh I wish we could carry on recording forever, it made me feel so good.”
“Yes that was fun, I really enjoyed that!”
“No-one has ever asked me about my life story before. Not even my family! ”
“This recording has made me believe that I’ve left something really worthwhile for my family to enjoy after I’ve gone.”
“Can’t think why this hasn’t been introduced years ago!”
“This legacy is crucial in a digital age where everything else seems to get so easily deleted or lost.”
“I wish someone had done this for my parents and grandparents; think what an insight into the Victorian era that would have been!”
“I was a bit nervous to start but once we got going I couldn’t stop. All the memories came flooding back.”
“Far easier than trying to write one’s own life story!”
“The interviewer guided my interview and then my answers just seemed to flow after that.”