A new and nationwide charity which offers end of life patients the chance to have their life stories professionally recorded on audio for their enjoyment and for the therapeutic benefit of being able to ‘tell their story’.
The families of our patients will be able to hear their voices and cherished memories for generations to come.

We train volunteer journalists, nurses and others with a professional “ listening “ background to conduct our audio interviews with hospice patients.

So far we’ve trained in 15 hospices, with 200 hospices in the UK, we have another 185 to go...within the next 5 years.

All our interviews are confidential for patients, our charity and participating hospices do not keep copies of their audio recordings.

Each patient is given two USB memory sticks or two CD’s for them to keep free of charge.

We also provide broadcast quality audio recorders to each participating hospice.

Our two day training course has been created with the help of North London Hospice and teaches the art of chronological interviewing, GDPR, confidentiality, latest listening techniques, boundaries, use of audio equipment, how to download and safeguarding.