Dr Ros Taylor MBE  - Clinical Director, Hospice UK

Dr Ros Taylor’s impressive career bridges medicine with hospice management, strategy and innovation. She will bring outstanding value to ensure the successful future prospects of The Hospice Biographers as a unique nationwide charity.    

Dr Taylor began her career as a GP in Cambridgeshire and Cumbria and went on to lead an innovative palliative inpatient unit in West Cumbria Hospital. Later she became Director at the Hospice of St Francis in 1997 where her achievements have included: leading a successful £6m project to rebuild the hospice on a new site, transforming day care services into a wellbeing and early intervention service and more recently promoting a vital partnership with the local hospital to foster a new culture in end of life care at ward level.  

Today she’s Clinical Director of Hospice UK, a charity which advocates and supports Britain’s network of hospice centres of excellence. 

Her inside knowledge and contacts within the hospice movement across Britain will be invaluable to our charity.

 On a personal level, Dr Taylor 's dynamic, positive and professional approach will benefit our work hugely.

 We’re privileged to have Dr Taylor MBE on our Board of Trustees.    

Sunil Sheth, Law partner of Fladgate LLP

Sunil Sheth will bring his considerable legal expertise, valuable contacts plus his first-hand knowledge of charities for the benefit of The Hospice Biographers.

He is a law partner with the prestigious commercial law firm Fladgate LLP of Holburn.  

Fladgate is an international law firm serving a wide range of corporate, institutional and private clients. Sunil is founder and former chairman of the Society of Asian Lawyers in the UK. 

Sunil’s experience of charities thus far is impressive and diverse. 

He is Chair of Sense International, a UK charity which assists people with the double disability of being deaf and blind.

His other appointments include being a Trustee of One World Media, a UK charity which assists media in the developing world to promote issues including education, good governance and human rights, and he is also on the Advisory Board of the Law School of the University of West London. 

Sunil has previously been a member of the British Association Panel of the Bank of England.

His smart insights and grounded wisdom will bring much to our proposed charity.

We’re proud to announce that Sunil has now joined our Board of Trustees for The Hospice Biographers.  

Claire Cater, CEO of The Social Kinetic: Change Strategy and Engagement Consultancy for human-centered change  

Claire Cater will bring her inspirational and commercial expertise in healthcare to The Hospice Biographers charity in addition to her valuable contacts from the world of philanthropy and national grant providers.

She has spent time working with and for world leaders in their respective fields, adopting the latest thinking, building a network of the best people in the business and continuing to be fascinated by what makes change really possible. Her view is that you need to start with people and places – not spread sheets and numbers. For her understanding the human dimension is everything.

She thinks joined up – bringing together everything from public policy to patient perspective and social empowerment and uses the art and creativity in her work. Prior to launching The Social Kinetic, Claire worked with Lord Bell as Group Director at Bell Pottinger where she led the public sector, behaviour change and health practice.  She was a member of the Patient Engagement forum for the World Innovation Summit for Health 2013, co-authoring a report on how best to engage patients in their health and care that was supported by leaders representing more than 60 countries.

She has worked in behavioral change and every aspect of communications and engagement for over 20 years.

Claire will be chair of our Board of Trustees for our first year.  We absolutely know that Claire will play a key innovative strategic role in the management of our new charity.                   

Lorraine Crossland, Training Consultant

Lorraine will be in charge of our specialist training programme, a tough job given that we will hope to train some 400 journalists across the country over the next three years to become tomorrow’s Hospice Biographers.

Lorraine’s management and strategic training experience has largely been influenced by her 16 years experience working in two cash strapped further education colleges in the SE of England where she’s had to develop sharp entrepreneurial skills, juggling her ambition to be both creative and aspirational whilst also being infinitely flexible.

She’s also gained considerable experience creating and developing brand new educational courses from scratch, starting with little more than a few words on the back of an envelope

We are extremely fortunate to have Lorraine on our Board of Trustees.


Adam Altounyan, CISSP -  Information Security Manager, Moneycorp

We understand that life stories can be incredibly personal and sensitive which is why we have Adam on our Board of Directors, with his expertise and qualifications, he ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient's audio biographies and all other information controlled by the charity. His focus is on implementing process, procedures and oversight to the way interviews are recorded, shared, stored and processed. 

Utilising secure storage systems implemented by Adam, we ensure audio biographies are stored appropriately and are available to share with patient's families upon request. 

Adam is a first class communicator, problem solver and has extensive industry experience in building and running highly available secure information systems. 


Barbara Altounyan Founder and CEO

Barbara recorded her very first audio biography when she was young and realized her own father was terminally ill. She postponed her career as a reporter," borrowed " a BBC recorder and set about recording his entire life story on audio.  

Her father, Dr Roger Altounyan, originally from Aleppo in Syria, was a fictional character in Arthur Ransome's classic " Swallows & Amazons." He was also an asthmatic and later went on to create an anti asthma treatment for fellow sufferers, using himself as a human guinea pig. 

After his premature death Barbara embarked on a full career in broadcasting with BBC, ITV and C4, creating shows such asTrust Me I'm a Doctor and Pet Rescue.

She co-founded an independent TV company called Flame TV with broadcaster Roger Bolton. Together they created long running BBC TV hits such as Heir Hunters, Saints & Scroungers, Don't Get Done Get Dom and You've Been Scammed. 

After they sold Flame TV, Barbara established another company called The Audio Biographer which has taken her and her beloved Roland R26 audio recorder all over the world.

She also decided to volunteer her professional audio services for patients at her local hospice.

After 18months of volunteering, one of her patients suggested she spread her services to hospices everywhere. 

The idea for The Hospice Biographers was born.

Today The Hospice Biographers is a nationwide registered charity and will offer free of charge life story audio services at some 200 hospices across the UK       



This charity will be dedicated to the memory of Dr Roger Altounyan FRCP  (1922-1987)








                                      Registered charity in England and Wales 1169750