• Job Title:                              Trainer (of Hospice Biographers)
  • Pay:                                        £250.00 per day (+ travel and accommodation costs)
  • Contract:                              Temporary
  • Days per year:                       Up to 10 days per year in 2018, up to 14 days per year in 2019
  • Responsible to:                     Trustee for Training & Safeguarding


Work Context

The Hospice Biographers is a new and nationwide charity which will train volunteer journalists to record on audio the life stories of terminally ill patients at some 200 hospices across the UK; all hospice patients are offered this service free of charge.  Initially there is the opportunity to work up to 10 days per year in 2018, up to 14 days per year in 2019, as well as potential for the future, because our training programme will run for 5 years in total.

Job Purpose

To work with the Charity and its Trustees to deliver training offered to volunteer journalists who wish to become Hospice Biographers.  Training courses last two days, involve 10 – 14 trainees and take place in hospice training rooms around the UK.  Trainers can choose to either travel throughout the UK or to travel within a region as agreed between the trainer and our charity.  Ideally applicants should attend our next two-day training course in Greenwich on October 9th – 10th 2017 so that they are ready to start training in their region from January 2018 onwards.  The training package has been written by our charity in partnership with North London Hospice, using their Oyster training package and has been piloted in the West Midlands.  Delivery of the training involves being familiar with the use of some simple audio recording equipment and our user-friendly on-line storage facilities; a one-day Trainers’ Induction Course will be held in November to be sure trainers are fully supported in learning about this equipment and the associated technology and processes, as well as other key aspects of the Hospice Biographer Trainer role.


  1. To deliver training to volunteer journalists who wish to become Hospice Biographers
  2. To demonstrate and facilitate the use of audio recording equipment, the on-line digital storage technology and associated processes.
  3. To carry out basic administrative tasks related to the training courses and keep in regular contact with the Trustee for Training.
  4. To support the charity in any relevant marketing during the delivery of training events
  5. To uphold the values of the Hospice Biographers charity
  6. To support the charity in upholding their policies on health and safety and safeguarding matters
  7. To support the charity in upholding their policies relating to compliance with relevant legislation (e.g. Data Protection Act, Copyright, etc).

If you would like to apply for this position, please contact Barbara Altounyan directly on 0771 253 4399 or barbara@thehospicebiographers.com