our future plans

Our most important mission is to introduce our free of charge audio life story services to hospices - that’s all 200 of them across the U.K - within the next 5 years.

But we do have other longer term plans too…..


we want to: 

  • Open a National Life Story Library one day which will welcome all  members of the public off the streets ( regardless of health or age ) to come in and record their own memories on audio or film for all to hear and see. 

  • We want to launch our own anniversary date, A National Life Story Day which will encourage families and work places to record on audio their own much loved family members or workmates.

  • Through the outreach work of hospices we will also record the life stories of end of life homeless people, travellers and prisoners. 

  • We want to film young end of life parents whose children will never know them.

  • Our ambition is to work with audio manufacturers to one day create an affordable “instant” audio recorder which will offer our patients USB memory sticks just seconds after they’ve told us their precious life story. At the moment there exists an unfortunate technical delay which means our patients have to wait for their audio recordings to be delivered to them.